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bullet NEW AI Forum Bios
bullet Real Estate Appraiser Forum!
bullet Appraiser's Forum 
bullet Appraisal Tracker 2000 Users Group  
bullet Technology – Clio (HPC) Users Group
bullet WinTOTAL 2000 Users Group Forum

Appraisal Management Companies

bullet Accolade Network, Inc.
bullet AMLEND Mortgage Services
bullet CALCO Appraisal
bullet Express Financial Services
bullet General American Credit
bullet Integrated Loan Services
bullet Interpraise/US Appraisal Network
bullet LandAmerica Financial Group
bullet LandSafe Appraisal Services
bullet Mortgage Information Services
bullet Nationwide Appraisal Services
bullet Stewart Mortgage-Appraisal Division
bullet Steele Software Systems
bullet U.S. Property & Appraisal
bullet Value-IT/First American


Appraisers Library

bullet Bureau of Labor Statistics
bullet Census Tracts (FFIEC Geocode)
bullet Fannie Mae Selling Guide
bullet Federal Agency Statistics
bullet HUD/FHA 4150.2 appraisal manual
bullet US Census Bureau
bullet USA County Search

Software/ Hardware

bullet RealStat
bullet Appraiser Depot
bullet Rental Property Management Software for Landlords
bullet Day One Web Site /
bullet Appraisal Software - Nerdworld
bullet Welcome to AllRegs®
bullet TOP PRODUCER Home Page
bullet Real Estate Investment Analysis Software
bulletAlamode/Project 2000/EDI 
bullet Marshall & Swift - Commercial Cost Data
bulletReaQuest - Data Collection
bullet The Complete Real Estate Software
bullet Appraisal Track (Internet Order Tracking)
bullet Appraisal Tracker 2000 (Desktop/Palm/Web)


bullet Residential Services - Articles of Interest
bullet Realty Times Front Page
bullet Appraisal Today
bullet Appraisal Today (Old Newsletters)


bulletNational Association of Independent Fee Appraisers
bulletThe Relocation Appraisers & Consultants
bulletEmployee Relocation Council (ERC)
bullet American Society of Appraisers (ASA)
bullet The Appraisal Foundation
bullet Office of Banks and Real Estate
bullet IAAO Index
bullet National Association of Real Estate Appraisers
bullet Los Angeles Chapter Appraisal Institute (SCCAI)
bullet Appraisal Institute
bullet The Counselors of Real Estate
bullet ASC - Intro page
bullet FREA
Appraisal Directories
bullet Real Estate Appraisal Service - Real Estate Appraisal Service Directory
bullet Appraisal Directory-National directories of real estate appraisers, organized by state and by locations within the states.
bullet Appraisal Today Newsletter Appraisal Today - news, information, links, and jokes for real estate appraisers!
bullet Appraiser USA. com  - National Appraiser Directory
bullet Zip Appraisers. com - National Appraiser Directory
bullet Southern California Directory. com - Southern California Directory

Environmental Issues

bullet Parex EIFS - Build Trust Into Your Walls
bullet NIEHS Report - High Voltage Lines (EMF)
bullet Lead Programs
bullet EPA Topics List
bullet Radon Links
bullet Real Estate Damages

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